Sunday, June 14, 2009

BBQ at SD Harley; Highland Valley Ride

Saturday saw three members of the SoCal Buell Riders make it to the BBQ at San Diego Harley. It was good to finally start putting faces to the nicknames. Erik rode all the way down from Murrieta on his Firebolt. Fran showed off her personalized Magna with the custom purple saddle. Wolf pulled up on his 1125R.

We left postcards with the staff, letting people know about the group, and left some on various Buells parked in the lot. Fran even corralled Aaron, who works there, when he tried to ride past us on his 1125R.

I made sure to wear a t-shirt from Privateer's Garage, one of our sponsors, and got to talk to a few people about what they do. One of the people I spoke with about them was Joanne, from American SportBike, another sponsor. I think those two companies would be great working together. American SportBike provides super high-quality upgrades to Buell riders,and Privateer's Garage provides a clean, organized, well-stocked place to work on your bike.

After the BBQ, Erik and Wolf geared up to hit Higland Valley Road between Ramona and Escondido. It's a nice, backcountry road with a few challenging hairpins, some of which also have a lot of elevation changes. If anyone wants to give that ride a try, just let us know!

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