Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Two more Sponsors for SoCal Buell Riders

We're very excited to have the help and support of AmericanSportBike and California Superbike School.

AmericanSportBike sells aftermarket parts for Buells, most notably their absolutely beautiful carbon fiber parts. They're a great resource for any Buell owner. Aside from selling great stuff, they also support the Buell community be hosting rides, customer appreciation days, etc.

Keith Code's California Superbike School has also agreed to sponsor us, and I'll have some amazing news to report on something he's offered our group (but I'm saving that for a later post. Stay tuned!). California Superbike School is the school to go to for aspiring racers and motorcyclists who want to hone their skills. It's all about the corners.

See our full event calendar at MeetUp.Com/SoCal-Buell-Riders

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