Saturday, August 8, 2009

Avoid the 'Noid

A week ago, I rolled my 1125R out into the driveway, ready to hit Palomar. I turned the key, and...


The problem was eventually traced to a fault in the instrument panel. Something for which SD Harley didn't have a replacement. My bike would be out of commission for a week.

But this story has a silver lining. Christopher at SD Harley did the amazing - he lent me a 1125R so I could lead this morning's Buell Club Ride out Sunrise Highway.

That alone would have been a great story. But there's more. After I took the key from Chris, I got on the bike and started it up to take it down the street to top off the gas. I twisted the throttle, and the bike lurched forward eagerly, much more easily than on my own 1125R.

The difference between my bike and Chris' is that his bike had been de-noided.

De-noiding is the common term used to mean removing, disabling or disconnecting the Air flow control solenoid. Search the Buell boards and you'll find a lot of talk about this mod. (Click here for a good example of the procedure). I'd always been a bit skeptical, figuring the factory would put out the best product it could. I was wrong. De-noiding the 1125R is definitely the way to go.

On our Buell Club run along the Sunrise Highway over Mount Laguna and on through Julian to Santa Ysabel, I found myself enjoying the bike in ways I never could with my own. Power through the corners was predictable, linear and limitless. The only reason to end that ride was to get to my own bike to do the same modification.

To their credit, Buell does sell a resistor that plugs right in where you'd remove that solenoid (Buell part Y0248.1AM (solenoid eliminator plug) sells for $6.00), which tells me they're aware of the difference this makes and the demand for that mod.

So, take my word for it. If you ride a Buell 1125R or 1125CR, avoid the 'noid.

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