Saturday, October 3, 2009

We are not a social club.

The point of owning a motorcycle is to ride. The point of a sportbike is to ride quickly, preferably along a challenging course. So what's with these bike clubs that seem to mainly live in parking lots?

Their whole point seems to be to ride from one parking lot to another parking lot, traveling in two parallel rows along a highway, so they can admire each others' bikes and swap chrome stories, I guess.

Those bikes aren't sports equipment. They're accessories. They're big fringed handbags. They put-put serenely from one parking lot to another. "Hurray, we made it!" they cheer. They may as well be doing it on Lark scooters. With tassels.

I briefly joined another sportbike club here in San Diego, but very few of their events had anything to do with riding sportbikes. They met at bars, sports bars, hookah bars, whatever those are. Sadly, and probably not coincidentally, that club of three-hundred members has had three fatalities in the past year.

I know there are people who joined SoCal Buell Riders to make friends and enhance their social life. They joined and have never yet come on a ride with us. Not one. I guess we're not riding to the right parking lot for them.

So let me lay it out plain and simple: We are not a social club.

If you want tea and biscuits with the girls, this is not the club for you. Talk to those guys over there with the fringed handbags with the big chrome skulls. But if you want to ride, welcome to the pack.


  1. Hmmmm.... detecting a touch of passive-aggressiveness. :)

    So, in all seriousness, since I've only been able to make it on one ride due to schedule issues and other weekend activities, and because I'm not a huge fan of weekend Palomar rides, should I not bother even trying to make another ride?

    Since I ride almost every day, and go out of my way to not just ride the freeway from parking lot to parking lot even in the course of my commute, I don't think I'm looking for "tea and biscuits".

    I don't consider myself a hanger-on, but if others do, or are offended at my inconsistency since I'm going to be hit-or-miss, at BEST, for group rides, I can drop from the club with no problem.

  2. Keith - No, don't go thinking this was directed anywhere near you. I know that people have lives outside of riding Buells. We're looking forward to when you CAN next ride with us. There are also a bunch of other folks who've riden just once or twice who I wish would show up, as they're good riders who help inspire the rest of us.

    The ones I can't understand are the ones who only want to show up for "show and shines." And the miscellaneous bikers who prefer adding chrome to adding horsepower. You know the crowd, but we won't name names. :)

    Hope to see you on a ride sometime soon!

  3. Here you go again, I really enjoy my other ride with "fringed handbags with the big chrome skulls". And further more I only have 1 Tassel. As for the girls, my woman rides her Buell S1W more than most of us. This is the 2nd time you INSULTED ME, LOL. All of our Buell riders don't ride just one brand, we have 5 brands in our stable of 8 machines.

    Boy I wonder how many of our riders have multiple brands, even more how many with "fringed handbags with the big chrome skulls".

  4. Hey! I like tea and biscuits, hehe.

    Guys, don't get all offended at Wolf's post. He didn't mean anything bad to you all and those who ride with the club by it. He is talking about those who buy a bike and don't walk the walk - you know, weekend warriors who barely ride, but wear their Harley shirts to show they dropped 40 grand.

    If you like chrome, by all means, chrome it! You don't have to only like CF. My main bike is matte black, crappy fiberglass fairings, and it's not even a Buell, heck it's not even street legal anymore. I usually ride bitch on the street now because it's too much trouble to street prep my bike. And the group still accepts me.

    Now...kiss and make up, lol ;) Seriously all. I know Wolf isn't being a dick about anyone in the group in particular or anyone who seriously likes to ride anything, no matter if it is a Honda, a Buell, or a MV Agusta.


  5. I agree with Marianne, Wolf didn't mean any disrespect. Obviously people ride motorcycles for many different reasons. Whether it's a sportbike group racing around on the street, riders doing daily commuting, or crusiers going to a destination they all enjoy the feel of two wheels. 20 Years ago I rode sportbikes on the street with many friends, and we rode like idiots. Speeding around with reckless abandon and no common sense. Our rides consisted of running the twisty PA roads flat out. Corner speed limit signs were approached 2 or 3 times the posting. And the bikes were always pushed to their top speed on the straights. It was usually 45 minutes of WFO street racing! I'm very thankful that the SoCal Buell group is more mature and responsible than those old days. These days, I get my WFO fix on the track. However it's still satisfying, even if at a street pace, to sample the potential of a sportbike while riding with the SoCal group on the street. The focus and challenges of reading the roads, feeling the bike working under you, and picking up some nice scenery is sportbiking at it's best.

    Ride fast, Have Fun!