Monday, November 16, 2009

Does Zero Motorcycles just not get it?

Recently a photo taken at a demo by Zero Motorcycles came to my attention. Here it is:

I've been considering buying an electric motorcycle to add to the stable, and had it narrowed down between Brammo and Zero, but after seeing that, I think Zero is out of the question.

Why would the folks at Zero think that was a good thing to put on a demonstration machine? Did they not think it might offend some potential buyers, or did they just not care?


  1. Hey there, I am the MR for the southern region and can say without a doubt, this bike is one of the IR's and not the work of Zero Motorcycles. We do not use the graphic that is on this bike and it is one of the early 2008 bikes. We havent been shipping these for over a year.


  2. Greetings,

    To follow-up on the above from TJ, this motorcycle isn't associated with Zero Motorcycles in any capacity. If a consumer chose to show it off on their own, they did so with no association from Zero.

    The orange strap does indicate the motorcycle is not part of our demo fleet as it's one of the very first bikes ever built. The plastics are not black and as TJ noted, that's not our logo.

    The above image is also of the off road motorcycle and brammo doesn't make a dirt bike. So, for accurate images of our Zero S street motorcycles, please see

    Mike Caudill
    Zero PR Team