Monday, December 28, 2009

New Racer Notes - The Bike Is Just A Start

As I prepare for my foray into motorcycle racing, it's become crystal clear to me that the race bike was just first of all the equipment I'm going to need (and pay for) before I even hit the track for my first race.

Forget about the cosmetics at this point. The bike needs new race tires. After I buy and mount those tires, they're going to need tire warmers. And a generator to supply electricity for those tires. And an air compressor or air tank to fill them.

I'm also going to need more equipment, like a back protector.

I figured out that the max tongue load of my Jeep won't allow me to load the bike into a carrier on the trailer hitch, so I'm going to have to borrow Matt's F-150 for race weekends, and I'll need a ramp to get that bike on/off the truck.

I'll need spare parts in case something breaks while I'm on the track, so add the cost of spare shift levers, brake levers, brake pads, etc.

I asked good folks at BadWeatherBikers.Com what they recommend for a typical track day. Here are a few responses:

Gearhead recommended:
Raceday Check-off List
Bike w/key - Put the key in the bike after you load it so you don't forget it!!!!
Tie-down strap box -
Fuel can - 5 gallons
Radio - some tracks use an FM signal to broadcast 1st & 2nd calls plus other info
Clock - more important than you'd think!
Under Armor - I forgot to pack mine once, I was very uncomfortable the whole day in my leathers
Generator & key - Don't laugh, I drove clear up to Road America last year only to discover I'd left the Gen key at home
Yellow & black drop cords - for tire warmers
Helmet w/both visors - unless you wear sunglasses under your helmet, have a smoked and a clear visor
Tire warmers
Spare tire & jack - for trailer
(3) Chairs
Cooler / water
Work carpet - easier on your knees than knealing on asphalt when check tire pressures, etc.
Buell Racing banner - REPRESENT!!
Box of Rags
Extra brake pads
Pit Bull stands
Bicycle - I always take my mountain bike, lots easier to get around than walking everywhere
Buell tool kit
1/2 drive breaker bar
Axle nut
Firebolt manual
T-27 Wrench
Big allen wrench for rear axle pinch bolt
Race tool box
T-27 Screwdriver
Safety wire & pliers
Torx hex set
2 qts. - AmsOil 20/50
Allen head set
Pint of synthetic brake fluid
Air pressure gauge
Pocket knife
22mm wrench
(2) pliers
22mm 1/2 drive socket
(2) Adjustable wrenches
(3) straight screwdrivers
Air tank
Electrical tape
Duck tape
Side cutters
1/2 torque wrench
Notepad and pens
Race log notebook
Clutch lever
Brake lever
Shifter assembly

PatrickMitchell's list was even longer:
Keys to your bike
Extra $$
Trailer or Ramp
Tie Downs or other way to secure your bike during transport
Locks- To secure your bike from theft if left outside at night
Free standing canopy- 10x10 minimum
Front and rear stands
Folding Table/s
Paper towels
Cloth Towels - Large & Small
Distilled Water
RedlineWater Wetter
Chain lube
Chain Cleaner
Axel Grease
Brake Cleaner
Brake Fluid
Gas - 5 to 10 Gallons
Keys To Bike
Food/snacks - You will get hungry
Drinks- Water/Gatorade etc... No Alcohol
Shaded/Clear Helmet Visors
Gauntlet Riding Gloves
Riding Boots
Leathers - One or Two Piece (2 Piece must zip together)
Back Protector - If required...Good Idea even if not required
Chest Protector - If required...Good Idea even if not required
Under garments - Something like UnderArmor for under your leathers
Change of clothes
Wet Ones towelettes
Hand sanitizer
Chap Stick
Garbage bags
Paper Plates
Plastic Utensils
Tent - If camping
Sleeping bag - If camping
Blow up mattress & Pump - If camping
Wife/Girlfriend to take Pictures
Riding Forms if not provided at Track
Service manual
Keys to Bike
Spares - Wheels, Levers, Rearsets, Tires...etc...
Tire Warmers - If Used/Required According to Tires
Lap timer - If you have one
Tools-Including but not limited to:
Misc Screwdrivers
Sockets & Rachets - 1/2 in, 3/4 in & 1/4 in
Torque wrench
Allen (Hex Head) wrenches/sockets
Torx Sockets (Star Headed Sockets)
Safety Wire
Wire Cutters
Safety Wire Pliers
Zip Ties
Duct Tape
Cordless Drill
Drill Bits
Lock Tite
Valve Stem Tool
Air gauge
Electrical tape
Wire brush
Small diameter rope/String
Double Face Tape
Air Tank
Hanging or Free Standing Light
Rubber Mallet
Extension cord/s - If track has power outlets
Generator - If track does NOT have power
Power Strip
Battery Tender

I've got a sinking feeling I should have bought a less expensive motorcycle to use on the track.

Total cost to race thus far:
Race bike (Buell 1125R) $6.500.00
Number of races run: 0

If you race, I'd be very interested in reading what you bring to the track. Please leave your comments and suggestions below!

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  1. Don't know what kind of Jeep you drive, but this trailer (I own and use)
    should work fine with whatever hitch you have.
    I can throw it into the back of the truck and show it to you if you want.