Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Is Today The Day?

I've been itching to see what parts will be available from Erik Buell Racing.

We were supposed to hear specs and pricing for the Daytona-spec 1125R and the 1125RR's back on December 20th, and the "Euro Spec" 1190RR on December 30. So far no word, but I suspect the mountain of parts to inventory and price has proven daunting.

I know for a fact that Erik has been up past midnight several times (based on when he's answered e-mails), so it's not from a lack of hard work. They've got a small but dedicated crew there, and we're still hopeful for news soon.

Today (January 5, 2009) is when the entire parts list and pricing are supposed to be published. They just began posting updates to their twitter account @ErikBuellRacing. Be sure to follow them (and us)!

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