Thursday, January 7, 2010

New Racer Notes - Body Armor

Continuing prep for my first race day at Willow Springs. WSMC requires racers to wear a back protector. After considering a couple of options, I went with the Knox Contour Back Protector and got the Knox Chest protector to go along with that. It was more money than some of the others, but seemed to offer a bit more protection. I hope never to test that out, but perhaps it will help alleviate some of the worry at home.

I bought these items from SportBikeTrackGear.Com, so the prices reflect what I paid them today. You might find different prices elsewhere.

Total cost to race thus far:
Race bike (Buell 1125R) $6.500.00
Vortex Front Paddock Stand (incl. tax): 173.99
Knox Contour Back Protector $224.95
Knox Chest Protector $58.95
Total so Far: $6,957.69
Number of races run: 0


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